The Exclusive Egg is an Exclusive item that can be purchased for Robux in Pet Sim X. You can now choose to hatch the egg or trade it to another player.

The Exclusive Egg has a current starting value of 120,000,000,000 gems.

exclusive egg pet simulator x


Pet Name Value
huge tie dye cat pet simulator x Huge Tie Dye Cat 150,000,000,000
huge floppa pet simulator x Huge Floppa 145,000,000,000
guest noob pet simulator x Guest Noob 140,000,000,000
exclusive egg pet simulator x Exclusive Egg 120,000,000,000
hell chest mimic pet simulator x Hell Chest Mimic 110,000,000,000
huge hacked cat pet simulator x Huge Hacked Cat 105,000,000,000
sock monkey pet simulator x Sock Monkey 95,000,000,000