Noobortus is an Exclusive pet that was released with the Hell update & could have been purchased for 1,200 Robux.

The Noobortuus has a current starting value of 230,000,000,000 gems.

noobortuus pet simulator x


Pet Name Value
nyan cat pet simulator x Nyan Cat 270,000,000,000
huge cyborg capybara pet simulator x Huge Cyborg Capybara 250,000,000,000
electric slime pet simulator x Electric Slime 250,000,000,000
noobortuus pet simulator x Noobortuus 230,000,000,000
huge scary cat pet simulator x Huge Scary Cat 230,000,000,000
huge scary corgi pet simulator x Huge Scary Corgi 230,000,000,000
mushroom king pet simulator x Mushroom King 230,000,000,000